SF Video May CO-Video 2021 (Global Video Tech Meetup): Live distributed encoding proof of concept based on AWS Lambdas

Abstract In this talk I showed a system that allows you to stream SRT (h264 + AAC) and create the live ABR in a fully distributed way. This implementation uses AWS Lambdas to perform a segmented serverless transcoding, this allow us to instantly scale to any type of renditions and transcoding settings, tested up toContinue reading “SF Video May CO-Video 2021 (Global Video Tech Meetup): Live distributed encoding proof of concept based on AWS Lambdas”

SF Video Tech meetup: Build your own low latency live platform

Abstract How to easily build your own live streaming low latency platform based on open source. Final measured latency with regular player ~2s Demo video See the video, and slides PS: Evolution of this talk

Transitioning Broadcast to Cloud

Abstract We analyze the differences between on-premise broadcast and cloud-based online video delivery workflows and identify technologies needed for bridging the gaps between them. Specifically, we note differences in ingest protocols, media formats, signal-processing chains, codec constraints, metadata, transport formats, delays, and means for implementing operations such as ad-splicing, redundancy and synchronization. To bridge theContinue reading “Transitioning Broadcast to Cloud”

How we scale Live streaming for millions of viewers simultaneously

Abstract As Facebook Live and Facebook Watch have grown, the content shared there has expanded to include professionally produced, broadcast-quality content, like shows and live event coverage. This type of professional broadcasting from providers like La Liga, CONMEBOL, and UEFA is a very different challenge from user generated content (UGC) and viewers’ expectations are much higher. ViewersContinue reading “How we scale Live streaming for millions of viewers simultaneously”

MMSYS 2019 keynote: Live streaming at scale

Abstract Livestreaming could be quite challenging, mainly because nowadays OTT is replacing typical linear TV solutions (cable, satellite, and OTA), and the viewers expects at least the same level of quality, reliability an features as before. The big challenge of OTT is to achieve that same UX using, most of the cases, technologies that areContinue reading “MMSYS 2019 keynote: Live streaming at scale”