function [Twoc P Kin Kext Rw2oc I] = GetCameraDataFromSphereSetup(vPi,dr, nN, nM, dThetaL, dThetaR, dPhiT, dPhiD, vUp, dCamXFOV, dDAR, nCamPixelsX, nCamPixelsY, dSkewAngle, nCamOriginZFw, nImInv, dZCamNear, dZCamFar)

Description: Returns camera parameters (position, projection matrix, calibration intrinsics matrix, calibration extrinsics matrix, transformation matrix, and information parameters matrix) from a given camera setup. See the “Camera model” chapter to see parameters definitions.
This is one of the main functions of the camera setup framework.
Out parameters:
  • Twoc = Camera translation vector respect world axis (camera positions) [X Y Z]. Row vectors, one row per cams. Camera one is top-left, second top left+1, etc… (rear view) ]
  • P = Camera projection matrix [mat 4x3xnCams]
  • Kin = Calibration intrinsics matrix [mat 3x3xnCams]
  • Kext = Calibration extrinsics matrix [mat 4x4xnCams]
  • Rw2oc = Camera rotation matrix [mat 3x3xnCams]
  • I = Information matrix [mat nCamsx12]  (See: GetIFromCameraData)
In parameters:
  • vPi = Point of interest. It’s the central point that all cameras surround. Vector [X Y Z]
  • dr = Distance from Pi to cameras. Radius of the sphere
  • nN = Number of cameras per row
  • nM = Numbers of cameras per col
  • dThetaL = Angle of cameras (left X-Y axis)
  • dThetaR = Angle of cameras (right X-Y axis)
  • dPhiT = Angle of cameras (top X-Z)
  • dPhiD = Angle of cameras (down X-Z)
  • vUp = vector [X Y Z]. Indicates the up side of the camera. Example +Z = [0 0 1]
  • dCamXFOV = X Field of view of the camera  [degree]
  • dDAR = Display aspect ratio (Most common: 4/3, 16/9)
  • nCamPixelsX = CCD pixels per row
  • nCamPixelsY = CCD pixels per col
  • Optional dSkewAngle = Angle between CCD rows and cols [degree] (defaut = 90º)
  • Optional nCamOriginZFw = Indicates where the original camera is pointing. Allowed values: 1 = +Z, -1 = -Z (default = -1)
  • Optional nImInv = Indicades if the camera gives the inverted image. Allowed values: 0 = Non inverted, 1 = Inverted (default = 0)
  • Optional dZnear = Znear of the cameras. Only used to generate collada file (default = 0.1)
  • Optional dZfar = Zfar of the cameras. Only used to generate collada file (default = 100)
Definition of Input parameters of GetcameraPosFromSphereSetup
Figure 1 – Definition of Input parameters of GetcameraPosFromSphereSetup. θl=45º, θr=45º, øt=45º, ød=22.5º, N=5,M=4,Up=[0X 0Y 1Z]

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