function [Rw2oc] = GetCameraRFromLookAt(Twoc, Pi , Up, nCamOriginZFw)

Description: Returns the camera transformations matrix from LooAt data. All input parameters can be column vectors (1row per camera), if inputs parameters have nCams rows the output will be 4x4xnCams matrix.
Out parameters:
  • Rw2oc = Camera rotation matrix [mat 3x3xnCams] ]
In parameters: 
  • Twoc = Translation camera vector (camera position) [X Y Z]
  • Pi = Point of interest [X Y Z]
  • Up = Camera UP vector [X Y Z]  ([0 0 1] -> Up is +Z axis)
  • optional nCamOriginZFw = Indicates where the original camera is pointing. Allowed values: 1 = +Z, -1 = -Z (Default = -1)

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