Livecut [2014]


I have developed a complete cloud solution that provide us the ability to precisely (+/- 1 frame) cut a live stream and publish those segments as a V.O.D. highlight without stop the live stream.

In the following figure we can see that the core of the service runs into a server located “in the cloud”, to be more precise into a EC2 machine from AWS.

General block diagram
Figure 1: General block diagram

In the figure 2 we can see that the different “services” that runs into a Livecut server. I want to point out that the cyan blocks means self developed software modules.

Livecut service blocks
Livecut service blocks


  • It can accept the following stream source stream wrappers: HLS, HDS , Smooth streaming
  • The video essence of the source stream must be H264 baseline/main, and the audio essence must be AAC. It has been deeply tested with AFME 3.2 (free solution for Windows & OSX from Adobe) as a streaming source source.
  • Publishing speed: 15:1 (20 min of highlight is published in 80 seconds) 
    • Test stream settings: 718×404@25fps (HDS: H264 baseline 2Mbps + AAC 64Kbps)
    • Publishing time computed using the AWS smallest machine (m1.small). It can be much faster if we use a faster server.
  • Editing precision of +/-1 frame
  • Publish V.O.D. segments to:
    • Local server
    • Brightcove (single rendition or multiple renditions)
  • Multi-user
  • Absolutely cloud based (no local installations needed, AJAX web based front-end)

Used technologies

C++, C#, PHP, MySQL, HDS streaming, HTML, Flash (ActionScript3), Wowza IDE, JSON, IIS, FFMpeg, AWS (Amazon Web, Services), TCP/IP, AFME


Login page
Login page
Main page (rtimmer)
Main page (trimmer)
Jobs list page
Jobs list page
Brightcove publish settings
Brightcove publish settings
Recording stream control
Recording stream control

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