TVMaker [2001 – 2007]


It is a complete playout system for professional broadcasters that I started to develop in 2001 for canal blau. The project was bought for VisionRobotics and it was evolved until 2007.
It has the following capabilities:
  • Remote VTR (different protocols)
  • Control Video/audio routers
  • Video decoder/encoder cards
  • Control DVD-RAM Jukeboxes
  • GPI / GPO

Used technologies

C++, VB, TCP/IP (sockets), RS232, RS422, MPEG2, ASPI32


Decklink, Optibase, Matrox, Dayang, Osprey, Bluefish, Nevion, Kramer, JVC DVD-RAM Library, Sony VTRs, Panasonic VTRs, National Instruments, Advantech.



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