PAINT TO FTP native mobile application [06/2013]


Allows you to paint on the screen of your mobile device (IOS or Android), and when the mobile app detects that the drawing has changed, it is sent automatically to the configured FTP server. And using the JOCPaintFTPRefresh java applet the images that are available in that FTP server can be viewed in any web browser, and they are automatically refreshed at the moment that the image changes in the origin (mobile device).

In the following picture you can see the basic block diagram:

Block diagram
Paint To Ftp simple block diagram

This system could be useful to communicate to others in situations where to speak is complicated, for instance: tv studios, radio studios, etc…

The latency of the system deepens on the speed of network connections, but in good environments could be around 1 second.

Used technologies

Xcode, Objective-C, Java, IOS SDK, Android SDK, FTP (RFC 959)


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