Monitoring system


The JOCLoudness monitoring is a modular monitoring system that receives data from playout and from Loudness meter module, all this data is entered in a database (DB) system. Using the reports modules (windows and web) the user can access to that data in a very useful and easy way.

For instance the following reports can be done with a couple of clicks:

  1. See the Loudness graph of Monentary (M), ShortTerm (ST), and TruePeak from of desired channel from time X to time Y
  2. See the Loudness graph Integrated Loudness (I), Loudness Range (LRA), M, ST, TP from a singular broadcasted item
  3. Order all my assets by I (from louder to silent)
  4. See my broadcasted playlist with I, LRA and TP of each broadcasted item
  5. Etc… (see following sections)
Block diagram
Block diagram of the JOCLoudness monitoring system

All modules are independent software instances that can run in a different machines (physical or virtual), the communications between them are TCP and they use very low bandwidth. Thanks to that we don’t need to set up the system in a broadcast center, we can configure a remote system that could monitor multiple channels using a low bandwidth internet connection and a usual DTT reception.

In order to have an idea of system performance, with a low level PC (Intel core i3 3.07GHz, 4GB RAM) we can monitor at least 2 DTT channels without problems.

All modules displayed in the block diagram figure can be easily configured/added/removed (trough GUI, and without stop the system) to monitor more than  one channel or to work in parallel to improve system performance.

System modules

  • A common feature of all following modules are that they generates a large and detailed information in its logs file, this is very useful to analyse modules performance and to forensics analysis. The log file is located [AppPath]\YYYYMMDD_[name of module].log (YYYY = Year, MM = Month, DD = Day)

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