This module uses BDA DIrecthow driver to tune a DTT signal, it analyses its Loudness and it sends in real time the information (M, ST, and TP) to central database.




The module needs the following data to start working:

  • Database location (URL and port), and database login and password
  • Once the module has connected to database the user has to:
    • Press “Tune” button and the module will show the image of the selected channel on its GUI (Graphical User Interface) and it sends the sound to the default sound render device
  • When we want to start analyze loudness we have to press “Start capture”
    • Select the channel that the module has to analyze (note that the user doesn’t have to enter tuning data, this data are read from database when user selects the channel)
    • Put the “create capture” seconds. This parameter indicate the time period that the module sends data to DB
    • Select the configuration source of Loudness module, can be a .ini file (see the section Configuration Data\Loudness configuration file ofJOCLoudnessDS) or a preset in DB (R128 or A85) (*)

(*) When the user select “From DB preset” if the preset in DB is R128, internally the module loads the following file “[appDir]\ConfigFiles\r128DS.ini”. If selected preset is A85 the module loads “[appDir]\ConfigFiles\a85DS.ini

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