JOCHLSDownloader (Ruby gem)

The JOCHLSDownloader ruby gem is a very simple native ruby code that downloads all files linked by a m3u8 manifest (used in HLS), I have used several times for test purposes.

  You can download the JOCHLSDownloader (Ruby version) from: Gem Version


  • For LIVE and EVENT playlist types it downloads only the firsts media segments.
  • For VOD playlist type it will download all media content.


Usage examples

require 'JOCHLSDownloader.rb'

#URL from HLS apple example
url = ""
downloadpath = "./donloadtestfiles"
logfilename = "jochlsdownloader.log"


hlsdownloader =, downloadpath, logfilename, Logger::DEBUG)
puts "End!"

rescue Exception => e

puts "Error: #{e.message}, Trace: #{e.backtrace.inspect}"



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