Trim HLS stream with frame accuracy using ffmpeg and Bash script

Introduction The main idea of this post is to practise with ffmpeg and write down my experiences, issues that I have found, possible solutions, etc. To achieve that I developed a group of bash scripts that are able to trim a HLS stream using ffmpeg . The purpose of these scripts is to perform a VERY FASTContinue reading “Trim HLS stream with frame accuracy using ffmpeg and Bash script”

JOCHLSDownloader (Ruby gem)

The JOCHLSDownloader ruby gem is a very simple native ruby code that downloads all files linked by a m3u8 manifest (used in HLS), I have used several times for test purposes.   You can download the JOCHLSDownloader (Ruby version) from: Note: For LIVE and EVENT playlist types it downloads only the firsts media segments. For VOD playlistContinue reading “JOCHLSDownloader (Ruby gem)”