Comparative of different block search methods in the block matching algorithm

This work was done under Coding and Transmission of Multimedia Contents subject of Merit Master (UPC).
This work is a comparison of different techniques of block matching algorithm (BM), the BM  algorithm is commonly used in image coding.
In this work I implemented the BM algorithm using Matlab, and I evaluate it using different search methods.
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Compresión sin pérdidas de imágenes biomédicas o multiespectrales con Wavelets [ES]

This work was done with Ferran Valldosera under Wavelets subject of Merit Master (UPC). It evaluates the use of Wavelets to codify a sequence of images (biomedical o multispectral).
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La compresión JPEG [ES]

This is an aticle published in Antena magazine (official magazine of Spanish telecommunications college) on september of 2001.
It explains all aspects of JPEG compression, from mathematical approach to a practical matlab implementation.

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