Shape from silhouette and camera model slides

This slides explains how to calculate the camera intrinsics matrix, camera extrinsics matrix, and camera projection matrix from camera model. And you can find an introduction of SFS (Shape From Silhouette) method.

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Object labeling in a multicamera environtment

In this paper I describe an algorithm that it can relate objects from different images of the same scene. This algorithm needs like starting point the mask images from N full calibrated cameras. The algorithm is able to identify different objects presents in the scene and it can correlate these objects from one picture to another. Using that information I can optimize the 3D reconstruction algorithms.

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Multiview depth video coding using 3D Wavelets

This work was done under 3D video coding subject of Merit Master (UPC). It evaluates the use of 3D wavelet  scheme to codify depth video images.

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Compresión sin pérdidas de imágenes biomédicas o multiespectrales con Wavelets [ES]

This work was done with Ferran Valldosera under Wavelets subject of Merit Master (UPC). It evaluates the use of Wavelets to codify a sequence of images (biomedical o multispectral).
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