Shape from silhouette and camera model slides

This slides explains how to calculate the camera intrinsics matrix, camera extrinsics matrix, and camera projection matrix from camera model. And you can find an introduction of SFS (Shape From Silhouette) method.

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Comparative of different block search methods in the block matching algorithm

This work was done under Coding and Transmission of Multimedia Contents subject of Merit Master (UPC).
This work is a comparison of different techniques of block matching algorithm (BM), the BM  algorithm is commonly used in image coding.
In this work I implemented the BM algorithm using Matlab, and I evaluate it using different search methods.
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La compresión JPEG [ES]

This is an aticle published in Antena magazine (official magazine of Spanish telecommunications college) on september of 2001.
It explains all aspects of JPEG compression, from mathematical approach to a practical matlab implementation.

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