A minimal h264 “encoder” (C++)

Introduction I always thought that the best approach to complex things is to start from the basis, and once you control this part enter step by step towards more complex parts. With this idea in mind and the aim to improve my understanding of h264 bitstream and its techniques I have created the following code in C++ that generates a compliant h264 file fromContinue reading “A minimal h264 “encoder” (C++)”

Shape from silhouette and camera model slides

This slides explains how to calculate the camera intrinsics matrix, camera extrinsics matrix, and camera projection matrix from camera model. And you can find an introduction of SFS (Shape From Silhouette) method.

Adquisició de vídeo multicàmera per a una smartroom [CAT]

This paper is my final grade thesis. It’s about to design and implement a cheap system of frame synchronized calibrated multicamera acquisition. The project includes to design all environment with limited budged, buy materials, implement customized software, write the documentation, and finally the test and debugging phase. This system was built in the smartroom of D5 module of UPCContinue reading “Adquisició de vídeo multicàmera per a una smartroom [CAT]”